The Man With The Interactive Movie Camera

This is my (under development) personal web site dedicated to my PHD research and various personal projects. My practice-led research concentrates on the field of the essay film, and investigates how the addition of interactivity and networked connectivity in essayistic film-making, can transform the genre and potentially give birth to a new sub-genre of online interactive essay film.




Interactive Video Research


The latest digital media innovations make it possible to move from conventional essayistic filmmaking to other more open paths that maintain the existing qualities of essay films, while allowing the addition of new elements such as interactivity, participation and connectivity that can potentially enrich and deepen essayistic filmmaking. This research proposes a definition of the interactive essay film as a new emergent form, and suggests three qualities: interactivity; connectivity, and hyper-montage as the key aspects of differentiation from traditional essay films. At the heart of this research is an online interactive video essay, Grand Tour. The aim of creating Grand Tour is to redefine the essay film form as open, non-linear and in a constant dynamic movement that pushes the boundaries of essayistic filmmaking by exploring the central methodological and practical parameters of using interactivity and networked connectivity in the creation of essay films.


Grand Tour is inspired by the writings of foreign travellers who visited Greece in the 18th and 19th centuries.


Through accounts of these foreign travellers it is possible to follow the spectacular developments that occurred in Greek society as a product of the Greek revolution in 1821. Inspired by their own classical education and drawn by a desire to visit the land that produced so many great thinkers and raised human civilization to great intellectual heights, foreign travellers wrote many travel books describing their Greek experience and Greek people, at a time that was very critical for Greeks and the future of modern Greece. The main reason I decided to make an essay film about Greece is because at the moment Greek society is in a grave state, very similar to the pre-revolution (1821) period when many of the travellers visited Greece. People are divided, contemporary society feels marginalized, fragmented, and has profound identity problems.


Grand Tour is constructed from a multi-layered web of media fragments and interactivity such as videos, motion graphics, interactive animations, 360 footage, embedded social media and chatbots.


Viewers can move from media fragments to media fragments by using their mouse to click on active hyperlinks, interact with content or participate using the embedded social media. Typical web interaction techniques such as rollover, click-through, and multiple page organization take on a new meaning as they merge with montage, music and cinema aesthetics. A media fragment is comparable to a hypertext node and it can be a short/long video, an animation or an interactive participatory element. The film fragments are connected via multiple outgoing and incoming links and the author has limited control over the order the viewers will access and interact with the essay film. The viewers don’t simply interact with the web native essay film by just selecting a link to another section of the web native essay film, but rather co-create the text, making choices that define their experience and result in a dynamic and individualized encounter with the text. Through the experimental use of montage techniques, layered footage and interactivity, a juxtaposition between past and present will be produced, creating a surreal and bizarre set of dialectical images that serve as a visual interpretation of why Greece’s identity crises discussion has not moved on for over two hundred years. Grand Tour’s open design will allow viewers to look at the past through the eyes of European travellers, and examine the present through my strong subjective view of visiting Greece and collecting stories as another, modern, traveller, and experience the actual shock of the juxtaposition of the two images. Viewers in the process of watching, interacting and participating will be able to see present and past come together.

A Loop

Motion experiments in looping using found footage.

Friday Late Spectacular event at the Wellcome Collection

My "wildmen" films screened as part of the Friday Late Spectacular: Wild Ones event at the Wellcome Collection in February 2017.